Know about incredible YouTube Gaming Journey of Muhammed Ramees

Muhammed Ramees’ YouTube channel, Kaztro Gaming, has recently become Kerala’s most subscribed pubg gaming channel. Ramees holds the title of largest gaming creator in the state, with over 1.17 million users. This 23-year-old Keralite began his YouTube career on March 19, 2020, and has shared a lot about his successful path on his Instagram account, which is followed by a large number of people who share his interests.

Ramees, better known in-game as Kaztro, makes and streams entertaining video material on his wildly popular YouTube channel. His PUBG mobile ID is 591984617, and as a result of his livestreaming of the same games, he has become an official partner of Battle Grounds Mobile India. As a successful player, he has continued to film, edit, and upload his gameplay videos directly from his phone, ensuring that the quality is up to par.

Battle Grounds Mobile India, which was released on Android platforms on July 2 of this year, has changed the esports landscape in India. “I have liked playing video games since I was a child, and PUBG Mobile provided the channel for me to pursue this passion as a professional career,” the Blind eSport content creator said of his video game interest.

Kaztro Gaming is this young BCA graduate’s third YouTube business, and it has earned him the lion’s share of recognition in the Indian gaming industry. As he started to make money from his YouTube streaming videos, his parents began to back him up.

He and his fellow artists joined Blind eSports in January 2021 to broaden their exposure in the Battle Grounds Mobile India community. Ramees is planning to produce more high-quality and entertaining video material for his audience under the umbrella of Blind eSports.

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