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Leaked! When will Battlegrounds Mobile for iOS be released in India?

The iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is now included in Krafton’s previews, which are released every two to three days to generate buzz and pique user interest. That’s when the company hasn’t announced a launch date for Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iPhone version. According to a fresh source, Krafton will release Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS on August 20.

At the moment, Krafton is running an event on the Google Play Store for its Battlegrounds Mobile India game to honor users who have reached 48 million, 49 million, and 50 million downloads. The first stage of 48 million downloads has ended, and the company now expects at least 50 million downloads by the end of the month. That will happen on August 20th, according to Insidesport, because that is when the iOS version will be released.

For information on the release date, the post referenced sources knowledgeable about Krafton’s advances, but these leaks have been mixed with the company’s track record. As a result, I advise you to take this information with a grain of salt. While Krafton has hinted at the release of the iOS version, he hasn’t specified a date.

After around two weeks of early access for Android gamers, Battlegrounds Mobile India officially launched in India in early July. This release was only on Android phones, which disappointed iPhone users who were also anticipating the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton never claimed he had no plans for the iPhone, but he did say on the website that an iOS version of the game is in the works. According to Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released on the iPhone early, similar to what happened with Android.

If the iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is released on August 20, Krafton would most likely release the Early Access version first. The game’s regular, publicly accessible version will be released later.

As part of the ongoing promotion, Android users can now earn new goodies. Although Krafton anticipates 50 million downloads, there are three steps to earning incentives. Krafton offered a scrap x3 supply coupon package whenever they reached $ 48 million. There will be a Classic Coupon Crate Scrap x3 prize after 49 million downloads. Finally, if 50 million downloads are reached, Krafton will give away a Galaxy Messenger Set x1 for life. iOS users will be able to earn these incentives as well.

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