Highlights from Day 3 of the India Gaming Summit 2021: ‘Need to empower a technical committee to create clear gaming standards,’ says India Gaming Summit 2021.

The India Gaming Summit, now in its second edition, is a three-day virtual event taking place between August 11 and 13, to bring together stakeholders in the online gaming industry to discuss topics such as content, monetization, regulations, gamers, advertising, and ad fraud in gaming, among other things.

Speakers on the third day of the India Gaming Summit 2021 discussed ‘creating the proper standard and regulation’ in the gaming sector. Industry executives emphasized the need of starting with light-touch regulation. “We frequently see the terms gambling and gaming used interchangeably. Subi Chaturvedi, Zupee’s chief corporate affairs and policy officer, stated, “What we need in the sector is light-touch regulation.”

“The federal government should establish a technical council to establish criteria for skill and chance games. Without that, the Centre and the State would constantly be at odds,” said Aparajita Srivastava, partner at IKGAI LAW.

According to Vaibhav Kakkar, partner of Saraf and Partners, there is a need to raise awareness, as well as a self-regulatory framework till the sector matures. “It’s critical to maintain raising awareness, having debates, and telling tales of ordinary people who have been transformed by gaming to shift attitudes and legitimize the industry,” he continued. Some people feel that the standards for gaming should be set by the federal government, but that implementation should be left to the states.

Moreover, they also discussed the way forward for the gaming industry in India. “The internet has gone across villages and cities and provides the perfect opportunity to the gaming industry. Availability of devices at accessible rates, last-mile bandwidth, training, and skill development are some of the things that will boost the industry,” Sanjeev Mehtani, country manager, Government, and SMB Sales, Acer India, stated.

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